RG Tech has positioned itself in the R&D and expansion of titanium alloy, special stainless steel, free cutting steel and other metal material application fields since its inception. 
Special Stainless Steel
Inconel Bar
Quenched and tempered material
Product center
Tl clad Copper

Franchise cooperation

Strive to create sales offices in Thailand, India, and the United States, achieving global product coverage

High quality and honest service

Building a full metal industry chain to provide high-quality metal product solutions for global customers

Technical and software and hardware support

The company has 60 years of technical and software and hardware support in the field of heat treatment, dedicated to mechanical processing of metal bars.

Enhance brand value

 Received multiple certifications to enhance quality experience.

Business philosophy

Meet customers' needs for high-precision and high-quality metal materials.

Strict quality control, for you to create first-class products
Brand quality

The goal of RGTECH is to provide customers with high-quality metal materials and the best after-sales service. RGTECH was established in 2018 but had 20 years of experience in the metal industry.
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